CompactFlash memory card

CompactFlash memory cards or CF 2 month loan memory cards are basically storage devices where one can store data and information. Such memory cards are used in electronic goods like digital cameras, gaming consoles, music players, PC card slots, etc. These memory cards were introduced first in 1994 by SanDisk. CF cards were first associated with digital cameras and now have come a long way and undergone some development so that it can be used with other electronic items as well. But if one refers to a CompactFlash memory card, digital cameras come to mind first. Previously the digital cameras had a storage capacity of only sixteen to thirty two megabytes. This limited storage space was a great problem as one could not store many high resolution photos. The introduction of CF memory cards revolutionized the storage capabilities of cameras. It increased the storing capacity greatly and with their use it became possible to store thousands of high definition pictures and video. Such CF cards are the choice for professional photographers. The light weight and slimness of the CF memory card makes it an easily portable device which is very efficient. The CompactFlash memory cards are also durable and robust source of storage and are made in two broad categories. The type 1 card which has a dimension of 3.3 millimeters (thickness) and the type 2 card which has a dimension of 5 millimeters (thickness). Out of these, the type 2 cards are used by solid state drives or micro drives. These CF memory cards are very advantageous as they are slim, highly energy efficient and light weight. The CompactFlash memory cards also have different speeds for different models.

With increase in speed the cost also increases. Normally for CF cards, the storage limit varies from sixty four megabytes to a hundred gigabytes. However the most economical ones are those having a memory capacity of one to sixteen gigabytes. Buying a CompactFlash memory card is very easy. Many retail stores are available and there is always the option of buying online. The CF cards manufactured by SanDisk have high performance services and tested durability. However certain things should be kept in mind while buying a CF memory card. Firstly analyze your needs and select the card accordingly. It is useless to spend more money on a high transfer rate card when you do not need one. Such cards are required for special purposes and are extremely expensive. Then one must find out whether the card is providing the exact speed and transfer rate as advertised. Finally the customer should always check for the authenticity of the product. The CompactFlash memory card always has a stamp of authenticity which informs its customer that the card is tested for durability and performance. The card should provide the minimum transfer rate and speed as specified by the certificate of authenticity. And finally one must choose a card which has an adequate memory as required by the user. Keeping all these factors in mind, should one buy a CompactFlash memory card.