Memory Card Recovery

A flash card or memory card is an electronic 100 loan flash memory and data storage chip used for storing digitalised information. They are commonly used in many electronic devices, such as cameras, mobile phones, computers/laptops, video game gadgets. They are re-recordable, small, and able to preserve or retain data without power.

A memory card is a form of flash memory, which is used in a range of electronic devices such as a video game consoles or digital cameras. The memory card stores images, music, data and saved games or other computer files. Flash memory device contains no moving parts so they are not easily damaged. This means that they are perfect for use in transferable devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras etc.The amount of data memory cards can store depends on the type of card which is being used. Currently (in the year 2010) the largest memory cards can store 64 GB (gigabytes) of data. As the technology improves, larger capacity cards will become available.

There are various different types of memory cards, such as CompactFlash cards or Secure Digital (SD). Secure Digital or (SD) is a memory card format for use in moveable or transferable devices.

The SD Card Association (SDA) maintains the Secure Digital standard. Camera Memory Card use SD technologies, which have also been put on use in more than 400 brands across scores of product categories and more than 9,000 models. The Secure Digital format includes four card families available in three different forms. The three form factors for Camera Memory Card are the unique size, the “micro” size, and the “mini” size. There are many combinations of device families and form factors.

Memory Card Recovery Features:

  • Recover deleted photos from memory cards
  • Recover videos, images files from mobile phones
  • Recover lost photos from memory cards
  • Recover photos from formatted memory cards
  • Recover lost movies from memory cards
  • Recover photos from unreadable, damaged or defective memory cards
  • Recover pictures from removable storage which includes flash drives

There is Memory Card Recovery software, which is digital photo recovery software. It is the dependable solution for digital image recovery, digital media recovery, digital picture recovery, photo restore, photo rescue, data recovery, or whether the storage was damaged, files were deleted, or formatted. Memory Card Recovery software is necessary if people loose important files, pictures, videos etc. It is a way of merely recovery all the items stored in a memory card. For this, special software and sites are given to restore all the items.

Memory Card Recovery can be done from any type and any size of memory cards. It supports all kinds of files such as JPEG, MPEG for pictures, MP3 WAV for audio notes, AVI MPG MOV MPEG ASF MP4 3GP MTS for video files. This software supports all kinds of camera brands such as Nikon, Canon, Sony etc and also supports many types of Flash memory card manufacturers.