PS2 Memory Card

The Play Station 2 (abbreviate PS2) is 1 hour cash advance loan a video game console produced by Sony as part of the series of play stations. It was released in the year 2000 on March 4, in Japan, and then was released in North America on October 6, November 24, 2000 in Europe. Its primary competitors were the Nintendo GameCube, Sega Dreamcast, and Microsoft Xbox, as part of the sixth generation of console games.

The PlayStation 2 is the best-selling gadget for games of all time. It has reached more than 154.4 million units, sold until November 21, 2011. This landmark was reached 11 years after it was released in Japan in the year 2000.In late 2009. Sony stated that the life cycle of the PlayStation 2 would continue until demand ceases. Hence, developers created new games and the console was 1 hour cash advance no credit check selling steadily for ten years after its release. The Play Station 3 was launched in the year 2006 adding a new version to the play station series.

Over 12 years after its initial release in the year 2000, new games kept on selling and developing. The latest game is MLB 2K12, which released in March 2012 in USA only. Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA 13 were also released for the system in the year 2012. The PS2 also supports PlayStation2 memory card or the PS2 Memory Card.

A flash card or memory card is an electronic flash memory and data storage chip used for storing digitalised information. They are commonly used in many electronic devices, such as mobile phones, camera, computers/laptops, music players and video game gadgets. They are 1 hour loans online re-recordable, small, and able to preserve or retain data without power.

PS2 Memory Card is used to hold saved game data, in case a person needs to pause the game and return to it later or add new games to it. It is Cartridge-based system which is primarily used as battery-backed RAM within each and every cartridge to hold saves for the game a person plays.

The Neo Geo AES, which released in the year 1990 by SNK, was the first video game product to be able to use a memory card. AES memory cards were also compatible with Neo-Geo MVS arcade cabinets. This allowed the players to migrate saves between arcade systems and home and vice versa. Memory cards became commonplace when home 1 hour loans no credit check consoles moved to read-only optical discs for storing the game program.

The standard PS2 Memory Card uses Sony’s MagicGate encryption and has a capacity of 8 MB. This kind of requirement prohibited the production of memory cards by other or third parties who did not buy a license for the MagicGate encryption. Memory cards without any encryption can be used to store PlayStation games, but PlayStation games would be unable to read from or write to the card. Such a card could only be used as a backup. There is a variety of non-Sony manufactured memory cards available for the PlayStation 2, which allows for a larger memory capacity than the standard 8 MB. However, compatibility is not guaranteed and their use is unsupported.